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Fairmont Spa

Fairmont Spa

Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel Spa review

When you enter the entrance to the Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel, temperature checks and disinfection are performed, followed by QR check-in. With the window on the left and the lobby lounge on the right, walk towards the front desk and there is an elevator at the back.

Fairmont Spa is located on the 2nd basement floor, but only the right elevator goes down to the 2nd basement floor, so you must take the right elevator. The left only goes up to the first basement floor.

When you go downstairs, you will see Espa, a British luxury spa brand. Calmness, comfort, and luxury felt from the outside. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the #LuxurySpa, so I was excited. Since I was standing in front, the staff opened the door and said, ‘Who are you?’ He said 🙂

Fairmont Spa Reception

Fairmont Spa Reception

Reception seen as soon as you enter ESPA. Check your reservation history here first. I had it set for 12 noon, and I arrived 15 minutes in advance for the consultation. I think it would be best if you go 20 minutes before your leisure time.

Consultation will be held in the space behind the reception, where you will hear a brief explanation of #SpaKorea and hear more about the programs in detail. #Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Spa had a very luxurious atmosphere.

Before the consultation, you will fill out a questionnaire (?), check customer information, purpose of visit, where there is no pain, no allergy symptoms, what is the best body treatment pressure, and which part of the facial treatment you want to be managed the most. I got to do it.

The menu is divided into facial, body, and facial + body. I chose the Holistic Body & Face Ritual 90-minute program because I wanted to try both the face and the body. But if you want to focus on one part, I think it would be better to choose either the face or the body.

When I asked the staff, the Fairmont Hotel Spa Espa said there were 1 couples room and 4 single rooms, a total of 5. I was guided to a single room because I went alone. The lighting was dim and the atmosphere was cozy and comfortable. Does it feel like it automatically calms down?

There is a bed in the middle, and a sink and wardrobe on one side. There was a bottle of water in the sink, and they asked if I should prepare this for the consultation room or the room. It has a diffuser so it smells nice.

Take off all clothes and put on disposable underwear prepared in the closet. Then put on your robe and wait for the staff to come. They ask if you need a shower before or after treatment, so if you do, you can say yes.

By the way, the private bathroom is also very nice. It looked like some kind of hotel bathroom. There is a sink and dressing table, shower and toilet, respectively. There are ESPA hand towels and handkerchiefs in the sink.

The shower room is also spacious and comfortable. Shower products were prepared by Balmain products. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, and soap are all ready! I said I didn’t wash after going to the shower, but I regretted it a bit.

Are the bathrooms clean too? Usually, once the management starts, it often takes 90 or 120 minutes, so it’s safe to visit before the start.

Luxury spa brand Espa

Luxury spa brand Espa

Espa is a British luxury spa brand specializing in spa and skin care. All products used here are vegan products that are not tested on animals, and the therapists are professional people who have passed ESPA’s training program and passed tests.

They use ESPA products throughout the program and have over 330 face & body care products. All care oils are ESPA products. I want to relax, so he recommended an oil that suits him.

First, lie down and take care of the back of the body first. First, you wipe them with a warm towel, and then you take your back, waist, shoulders, arms, and legs in turn, and then lie down looking at the ceiling. After you lie down looking at the ceiling, two therapists take care of your face and body, respectively.

The body was exactly what I liked, and the facial was very delicately touched, so it was great to have it. It’s not a 5 star hotel spa for nothing. Espa operates spas in hotels with 5 or more stars around the world. The Ritz-Carlton, The Peninsula, Four Seasons, etc.

오피런피플 시그니처 제휴 업체들도 Espa 제품을 사용하고 있습니다

Run People Signature partners are also using Espa products.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been cared for, so it was so good that I didn’t really know how the 90 minutes passed. The muscles that had been cramped were also loosened, the skin became softer, and more than anything else, my body, which was always tense, was relaxed and I fell asleep by itself… I think I want to go and receive it once a week.

After the treatment, take a shower and spread a repellent towel for easy hair styling, as well as a hair dryer, comb, and hair products. The attention to detail was no joke. After all, I thought it was a luxury hotel spa.

He showed me because I wanted to see a couples room too, but it was impressive that there were two sinks and two beds so that two people could prepare and organize at the same time. And this room also has a large bathtub. If I get a chance someday, I want to try a couples spa.

Whether you look here or there, the luxurious Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel Spa ESPA. I think it would be great to receive it as a change of mood while on vacation.

ESPA and Balmain products were also displayed in front of the reception. If there is a product you like while being managed, it seems that you can purchase it. It’s a vegan product, so it doesn’t irritate the skin, so it’s really good. The very good and happy Espa review ends here!

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Healing spa shop recommendation TOP 5

Healing spa

Healing spa is a must for office workers

There is no healing like a spa for an office worker who sits down every day. Let’s stop by even if I think I’m in good shape today. My body will be 180 degrees different when I walk out of the spa to the point where I think, “I’ve been living like this?” It introduces from the cheapest spa to the most expensive spa.

Even Rush, where only ENFPs gather, has a spa shop where introverted I can heal without worrying. As can be seen from the service at the existing Rush store, emotional therapy is prepared that carefully touches the inside according to the individual’s psychological state. There are 10 treatments, all of which can be met with different themes and sensibilities. Inside the store, you can hear the sounds of living nature, such as the sound of singing birds and flowing streams recorded in various parts of the UK. Inner therapy that can heal your ears. From scalp hair treatment to foot massage, scrub, aroma treatment, and side massage. If you feel burdened by a full-body spa, try scalp massage first.

Recommended course
The Spell: 130,000 won 60 minutes course. Even if you massage your scalp and feet frequently, you can prevent stress loss of stress. However, there is no time for modern people and there is very little information for proper self-massage. So, this is LUSH’s tired scalp and foot massage course. Enjoy a foot bath using a special bath balm that can only be experienced at Rush Spa, and gently remove old dead skin cells with a scrub. In this process, it helps the circulation of the body by lightly loosening the feet and scalp. Tea made of lemon and mint is served after the course.
The Good Hour 20200,000 60-minute course. Deep tissue deep tissue massage will be performed on all muscles except the face. It is a course that touches the muscles and fascia connected like a net to the human body and focuses and releases the desired area through consulting with a therapist. Use Rush’s massage bar and shower jelly. This course has a unique theme, like lying on a boat and sailing. The room receiving the treatment is filled with blue sea lights and sea songs. You will receive a massage with the sound of waves and seagulls recorded by yourself. After the treatment, tea with rum, which was enjoyed by sea sailors, is also served. You may feel like a sailor after a refreshing voyage.

Address: 868 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu (Apgu Junction), 102nd floor of Hoemu-ro 42-gil, Yongsan-gu (Gyeongridan-gil Branch) Price KRW 70,000

Aesop Sounds Hannam Facial Attention
Located in Hannam-dong, Aesop’s ninth signature store, “Sound’s Hannam”. This place, which has Aesop’s unique scent, is the first facial shop introduced by Aesop in Korea. The red wood tone and non-bright interior make you feel comfortable. Before the treatment, the therapy in charge will conduct counseling for appropriate customized care based on the purpose of receiving the treatment and skin concerns. It is recommended to get careful skin care that you can’t do at home every four to six weeks. Facial courses are offered in 60 minutes and 75 minutes long.

Recommended course
Detox ANNEW퇴근Workers who are busy lying down after work have nothing to do with cleansing. Squeeze the foam cleanser, wash it, and put moisturizing cream on your face. It is a detox program for those who overworked their skin with such a routine. Treatment that stabilizes the skin with a thorough cleansing. Stress-filled waste is prone to uneven skin texture and less glossy skin. It’s perfect if you want to find a soft skin texture.

Address: 351st floor of Embassy Road, Yongsan-gu, 135,000 won (60 minutes)~

Freshwater Spa
The opportunity to get a spa in the bamboo forest in the city is rare. Even space can wash away the fatigue of the eyes. You can start lightly with welcome tea and foot bath and finish the last cypress bath to the lower body bath after about 60 minutes of massage. They even serve dessert after taking a shower. In Ikseon-dong Cheongsu, you can meet not only the spa but also cafes and restaurants. If your body is rusty, fill up your stomach and double your happiness!

Recommended course
There are a total of four categories of treatments in the balancing course수당s allowance. Body, balancing, focusing, facial. Among them, balancing, a course that encompasses the entire body from facial at the most reasonable price, is highly satisfactory. You can also enjoy the service of Cheongsu Spa called Pyeonbaektang. There are four balancing courses, from signatures 14 to 25. From full-body dry massage to oil massage to muscle massage. Since each course has different massages that I want to receive intensively, it’s better to choose the right type of course for me. Among them, Signature 17 is said to have a technique that emphasizes the connection that never falls off until the end of the massage, so I want to get it even if I’m curious.

Address 31-19 Donhwamun-ro 11-nag-gil, Jongno-gu, price 190,000 won

Guerlain Spa
Don’t be scared just because you’re in the Shilla Hotel Shilla Hotel. If you want to make our bodies high-quality, let’s visit. Compared to other luxury spa shops, there is no big price difference. That’s why we should try a spa shop. It is reliable because it is said to be a spa shop that many spa enthusiasts visit. Guerlain Spa conducts counseling to the point where you feel like you are being examined. That’s how much I can get rid of my discomfort. A professional therapy expert identifies needs and recommends the most appropriate course. The special thing about Guerlain Spa is that there is a 15-minute individual or group foot spa time before every treatment course. If you stop by Shilla Hotel to have a hotel vacation with your friend, let’s stop by a spa.

Recommended course
Body treatment. Massage is the taste of hands. Guerlain’s spa, which has a strong taste for hands, is recommended for those who want to relax their tight muscles. There are also three programs for body treatment, which are divided differently according to the pressure strength. The first Guerlain touch helps relax rigid muscles with the deepest touch, and the stress relief slowly and gently soothe the muscles that will be tight due to stress, helping lymphatic circulation to penetrate blocked blood. The last Imperial is a moderate pressure point with a medium touch. Of the three, you can receive it according to your condition today. Long-sitting office workers recommend a stress relief course for smooth blood circulation.

Address: Dongho 249 Shilla Hotel, Jung-gu, 3rd floor price: 198,000 won

Maison La Prairie
The brand that started as a clinic is reliable. La Prairie is a brand that has grown since its own skin healing technology. So, the raw materials used in La Prairie are only filled with rare things such as platinum, caviar, and gold. If you like luxury skincare or hotel spa, I highly recommend it. Surprisingly, it is a spa service that can be provided free of charge if you purchase La Prairie products for a certain amount or more.

Recommended course
Skin caviarㅣ The ultimate facial treatment. Massage the face, neck, shoulder arms, and hands to sweep away the accumulated waste. The skin color immediately changes, and you can maintain a smooth skin texture even after a few days of treatment. That’s how much he cares about his insides. It is conducted accordingly after checking the condition with the therapy before the treatment. When the massage is over, the products used during the massage are marked, and even this service shows careful consideration. If you lie down on Italy’s top-notch electric bed and get a massage, your worries will disappear like snow melting. I put caviar on my body, so my body is more expensive than gold that day.

Address 183rd floor of Apgujeong-ro 60-gil, Gangnam-gu Price Undecided

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Premium Spael Aroma Sweaty Signature Massage Review

signature massage

Premium SPAEL’s signature massage is

It’s an aroma suede massage.​

Swedish Massage is a popular program in 강남안마 .

It’s a Swedish-style massage

Use oil to gently massage your whole body

It is a management that stimulates lymph and removes waste.

Nonhyeon-dong Massage Shop Premium Spael

It’s a 10-minute walk from Exit 3 of Eonju Station

It’s on the third floor of the building where you can see Golf Zone Park

I used public transportation,

There are so many parking spaces that you can park comfortably.​

If you get off on the third floor, you will find the entrance to the Premium Spael.

I haven’t entered the building yet

Even the sign is luxurious

I was even more excited about the massage I got today.

And although the quarantine pass is over,

Premium Spalers can enter after measuring body temperature

You can take care of it with a little bit of peace of mind.

I’m waiting while checking my reservation

It was obvious that he paid a lot of attention to the interior🙂

signature massage-spa
  • For your information, Premium Spiel is 100% pre-booked.

✔️ Private Room

The maintenance room is a single room with subtle lights

It was private and the facilities were great

In fact, at the 7-star Namhae South Cape,

The interior was much more luxurious than the spa😂

Bed is a level-adjusted bed

The height is adjusted so that you can take care of it more carefully

It was set to warm temperature in advance.

There is a beverage refrigerator and air dresser in the maintenance room

There’s room to sit down for a while.

I’ll take a look at the maintenance room

After taking off slippers, disposable underwear and outerwear,

I changed into a prepared gown.

And while I’m taking care of my clothes,

I put it in the air dresser🥰

From this meticulous service to other massage shops,

I can feel that they’re different​

After everything is ready, the manager comes when you press the bell

While the manager is coming,

I took out the lemon flavor of Toms Sparkling and drank it

Carbonated water is really good!

Please try it It’s delicious because it has a strong lemon scent.

Premium Spael has hand sanitizers everywhere

There’s a disinfectant spray and an air purifier

After the treatment, sterilize it right away

You can get a safe treatment due to the COVID-19

If you are sensitive to COVID-19, I recommend Premium Spael.

First, you have to cover yourself with a towel

The manager came up from the legs to the neck in order

Warm up your body lightly.

Especially my neck and shoulders

The manager intensively loosened up this area

Then, use oil to take care of course

It’s good because the manager’s overwhelming is just right

The temperature of the bed is so warm

I fell asleep while getting treatment☺️

If you fall asleep while taking care of your skin, you can’t feel the massage at all

It’s unfortunate, but the massage doesn’t hurt that much

I guess it means it fits you too well🥰

After receiving all of them, I feel so

He even helped me stretch. It was healing~

When I’m done with my skincare routine, I used oil

So that you can take a simple shower

She showed me to the shower room and powder room.​

I wish this place was my bathroom

It’s a luxurious and sophisticated interior💓

Shower tools, skin care products, disposable toothbrush/towel, dryer, etc

Everything’s ready. Just the body

I used oil to massage my body

signature massage-gangnam

After taking a light shower,

You can change into a new gown~~​

I was so refreshed after taking a shower

I was so happy that I took a picture.

Of course, shopping is really good,

Since you’re getting older, investing in your body and taking care of it

It’s really good in the long run, too.

You have to take care of yourself since you were young

I don’t suffer even when I get older

If you’re looking for advanced care and services like a hotel spa,

I strongly recommend Premium Spiel!


Jeju 오피 Aroma Travel

Jeju <Aroma Travel>

aroma massage at Jeju Opi.

#Today, let’s meet <Jeju 오피 Aroma Travel> which is a gift for me who worked hard.

<Aroma Travel> is a Jeju massage shop located in Geonip-dong, Jeju City, about 10 minutes away by car from Jeju Airport. It is a place where residents and tourists visit because there are many attractions such as Dongmun Market, Jeju Office Shop(Jeju 오피), Arario Museum, Jeju Sarangbang, Underground Shopping Center, and Chilseong-ro nearby.

This place has a cozy golden interior and warm aroma scent. My fatigue seems to be relieved from entering.

There are many accommodations nearby, so it is also a place for travelers to relieve their fatigue after completing their journey. No matter where you travel, you have to manage it so that you don’t get tired easily.

Aroma travel provides foot care, aroma full body care, dry full body care, and face care. Relaxing the muscles that are lumped with the touch of a professional therapy promotes blood circulation and helps remove toxins from the body.

The massage room here is available in a variety of ways, including a group room, a couple room, and a family room, so that you can receive a massage comfortably.

#Aroma Massage Course and Program

Aromatherapy, also known as scent therapy, is a therapy that uses the scent and medicinal properties of plants to rejuvenate the balance of the body. It is a treatment that relieves stress and reduces mental fatigue by using essential oil extracted from herbs.

In the case of the foot care course, the foot, also called the “second heart,” is massaged to help recover from fatigue throughout the body. If you properly massage your feet, which are closely connected to all parts of your body, the blood circulates and the supply of oxygen and nutrients becomes easier! Foot massage is said to be effective for insomnia because it relieves muscle tension.

Face care can be reborn as a glossy skin by performing massages tailored to the customer’s skin type, such as calming, whitening, and wrinkle improvement.

The dry all-in-one management on the aroma trip also follows the foot bath, full-body dry management, and stretching. It is a special massage that promotes blood circulation throughout the body using only the warmth of the hands.

The effects of the same massage, such as dry and aroma, may vary depending on the type of massage you receive, so find the massage you receive through a simple consultation.

Why don’t you look for “Aroma Travel” when you can’t get rid of your fatigue from continuous work and when your limbs are swollen and difficult to walk after a trip? Please note that this place is operated on a reservation basis and there is a parking space.

Experience various aroma massage at Jeju Opi.

#Jeju aroma massage location

<Aroma travel>

Address: 13-gil, Gwandeok-ro, Jeju-si 2

Contact: 064-723-1033 / 010-8652-2625

Business hours: 10:00 to 23:00

Experience various aroma massage at Jeju 오피.

HD Busan’s weakest massage(Available to book 오피사이트)

Available to book 오피사이트 Busan's weakest massage

HD Busan’s weakest massage (Available to book 오피사이트)

professional healing/massage/stimulus therapy
Specialized in musculoskeletal disorders/fundamental one-inch breast massage

pain specialist/spine stenosis/neck, lumbar disc/fifties/pelvic correction/phishing elbow

Specialized in spinal correction / shoulder pain / knee pain / calcified tendinitis / rigid spondylitis / plantar fasciitis

Available to book 오피사이트 - HD Busan's weakest massage-1

the advantages of our institution

Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialized in Massage

○ Chinese oriental medicine doctor specializing in massage
○ National Accredited Massage
○ Designated institutions of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
○ Mansion Voucher Delivery Center
(Supported by Busan citizens aged 60 or older)

a massage procedure
○ Musculoskeletal pain / Specialized in spine and joints
○ Professional healing manual therapy. Massage therapy

-Neck disc, no pain around the neck
-Degenerative knee pain
– aftereffects of stiff spinal inflammation
-Pain or impairment of the jaw joint
– Chronic fatigue

-Five shoulder, calcified tendinitis, shoulder pain
-Elbows, wrists, tennis elbow, golf elbow
– Knee pain due to reduced degenerative cartilage
– Plantar fasciitis

HD Busan's weakest massage-Available to book 오피사이트

-Spine tube stenosis
– Waist disc, all pain around the waist
– Sciatic neuralgia
-Correction of spine and pelvis
– Postpartum pelvic correction
-Body type correction, scoliosis
-Aftermath of stroke
-Microbial (tail bone pain
– Unexplained pain
– Chronic fatigue

Available to book 오피사이트

-Knee pain
-Degenerative knee arthritis due to cartilage defect in the knee
-Hip joint abnormality
-Food base fasciitis

HD Busan’s weakest massage is available at Run People (오피사이트).

Let me introduce The Relaxation, which specializes in Swedish massage

Let me introduce The Relaxation, which specializes in Swedish massage

Let me introduce The Relaxation, which specializes in Swedish massage

Hello, the place I reserved is The Relaxation in Sangmu District.
I’ve been so heavy lately that I made a reservation for a swedish on the weekend.

#What is a Swedish massage?
It’s one of the three massages in the world from Sweden, and it’s an aroma massage that goes into the muscles smoothly. Sweetsy The Relaxation in Sangmu District is a shop specializing in  오피 서비스 where only one person can make a reservation during the reservation time. It was a place I liked even more during the time when I was sensitive to COVID-19.

The entrance smelled of aroma. It was cold, but it’s so nice to be in a warm place. This is a suede city management shop in Sangmu district where I felt the space was pretty. The point is plants with a warm and clean interior.

Let’s take a look at The Relaxation, which specializes in swedish massage in the Sangmu district. The Relaxation Spa is a maternity waxing shop and a men’s waxing shop that requires professional skills. I didn’t come here to wax, but looking at the waxing room, I thought this place is nice.

It’s an independent private space, so I think you can take care of it comfortably. I filled out a customer chart at the desk. I was flustered because there was a space for sports and positions, but I heard a lot of athletes are coming.

Op-spa Service’s signature swedish management starts with choosing an aroma scent. In the case of aroma management, we use Swiss Eust products, a brand that is located in the department store. I tried many different scents and I chose pine trees.
I just wanted to feel like I was in a forest and get refreshed. There is a shower room right next to the maintenance room. You can take a light shower before taking care of yourself.

This is a place where you get a Swedish massage, and I really like the lighting here. It has a gentle and comfortable atmosphere. There are disposable sanitary shorts on the dressing table.
For those who take a shower after taking care of their skin, there’s a Dyson dryer.

I came out wearing a gown after a light shower. Take off your gown and lie face down. I don’t like painful massage, but I really liked the soft swaddish massage. I feel like my stress is relieved as my muscles are relaxed.

After the maintenance, they also prepared warm peppermint tea. It’s a place where you can take care of your skin late at night
It would be good if you make a reservation in advance after work and visit.
It was the Swedish relaxation in the Sangmu district that I want to visit again.

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오피타임 is an app that broadcasts therapy around you.
From home ties to professional swedish businesses, you can get information on various businesses.
오피타임, called OPTIME (오피타임) , is working hard to deliver the fastest and most accurate information among various massage company broadcasting sites.
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In fact, although Opitok is the second oldest site after the Night’s War, the name change may have served as a big variable, but most registered businesses have not recovered as much as Opitok in the past, so even if you connect to the contact information, the phone connection is not working properly.
I wonder if I can recover as much as I did in the past, but I look forward to recovering again.


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