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Fairmont Spa

Fairmont Spa

Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel Spa review

When you enter the entrance to the Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel, temperature checks and disinfection are performed, followed by QR check-in. With the window on the left and the lobby lounge on the right, walk towards the front desk and there is an elevator at the back.

Fairmont Spa is located on the 2nd basement floor, but only the right elevator goes down to the 2nd basement floor, so you must take the right elevator. The left only goes up to the first basement floor.

When you go downstairs, you will see Espa, a British luxury spa brand. Calmness, comfort, and luxury felt from the outside. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the #LuxurySpa, so I was excited. Since I was standing in front, the staff opened the door and said, ‘Who are you?’ He said 🙂

Fairmont Spa Reception

Fairmont Spa Reception

Reception seen as soon as you enter ESPA. Check your reservation history here first. I had it set for 12 noon, and I arrived 15 minutes in advance for the consultation. I think it would be best if you go 20 minutes before your leisure time.

Consultation will be held in the space behind the reception, where you will hear a brief explanation of #SpaKorea and hear more about the programs in detail. #Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Spa had a very luxurious atmosphere.

Before the consultation, you will fill out a questionnaire (?), check customer information, purpose of visit, where there is no pain, no allergy symptoms, what is the best body treatment pressure, and which part of the facial treatment you want to be managed the most. I got to do it.

The menu is divided into facial, body, and facial + body. I chose the Holistic Body & Face Ritual 90-minute program because I wanted to try both the face and the body. But if you want to focus on one part, I think it would be better to choose either the face or the body.

When I asked the staff, the Fairmont Hotel Spa Espa said there were 1 couples room and 4 single rooms, a total of 5. I was guided to a single room because I went alone. The lighting was dim and the atmosphere was cozy and comfortable. Does it feel like it automatically calms down?

There is a bed in the middle, and a sink and wardrobe on one side. There was a bottle of water in the sink, and they asked if I should prepare this for the consultation room or the room. It has a diffuser so it smells nice.

Take off all clothes and put on disposable underwear prepared in the closet. Then put on your robe and wait for the staff to come. They ask if you need a shower before or after treatment, so if you do, you can say yes.

By the way, the private bathroom is also very nice. It looked like some kind of hotel bathroom. There is a sink and dressing table, shower and toilet, respectively. There are ESPA hand towels and handkerchiefs in the sink.

The shower room is also spacious and comfortable. Shower products were prepared by Balmain products. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, and soap are all ready! I said I didn’t wash after going to the shower, but I regretted it a bit.

Are the bathrooms clean too? Usually, once the management starts, it often takes 90 or 120 minutes, so it’s safe to visit before the start.

Luxury spa brand Espa

Luxury spa brand Espa

Espa is a British luxury spa brand specializing in spa and skin care. All products used here are vegan products that are not tested on animals, and the therapists are professional people who have passed ESPA’s training program and passed tests.

They use ESPA products throughout the program and have over 330 face & body care products. All care oils are ESPA products. I want to relax, so he recommended an oil that suits him.

First, lie down and take care of the back of the body first. First, you wipe them with a warm towel, and then you take your back, waist, shoulders, arms, and legs in turn, and then lie down looking at the ceiling. After you lie down looking at the ceiling, two therapists take care of your face and body, respectively.

The body was exactly what I liked, and the facial was very delicately touched, so it was great to have it. It’s not a 5 star hotel spa for nothing. Espa operates spas in hotels with 5 or more stars around the world. The Ritz-Carlton, The Peninsula, Four Seasons, etc.

오피런피플 시그니처 제휴 업체들도 Espa 제품을 사용하고 있습니다

Run People Signature partners are also using Espa products.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been cared for, so it was so good that I didn’t really know how the 90 minutes passed. The muscles that had been cramped were also loosened, the skin became softer, and more than anything else, my body, which was always tense, was relaxed and I fell asleep by itself… I think I want to go and receive it once a week.

After the treatment, take a shower and spread a repellent towel for easy hair styling, as well as a hair dryer, comb, and hair products. The attention to detail was no joke. After all, I thought it was a luxury hotel spa.

He showed me because I wanted to see a couples room too, but it was impressive that there were two sinks and two beds so that two people could prepare and organize at the same time. And this room also has a large bathtub. If I get a chance someday, I want to try a couples spa.

Whether you look here or there, the luxurious Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel Spa ESPA. I think it would be great to receive it as a change of mood while on vacation.

ESPA and Balmain products were also displayed in front of the reception. If there is a product you like while being managed, it seems that you can purchase it. It’s a vegan product, so it doesn’t irritate the skin, so it’s really good. The very good and happy Espa review ends here!

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