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Healing spa

Healing spa is a must for office workers

There is no healing like a spa for an office worker who sits down every day. Let’s stop by even if I think I’m in good shape today. My body will be 180 degrees different when I walk out of the spa to the point where I think, “I’ve been living like this?” It introduces from the cheapest spa to the most expensive spa.

Even Rush, where only ENFPs gather, has a spa shop where introverted I can heal without worrying. As can be seen from the service at the existing Rush store, emotional therapy is prepared that carefully touches the inside according to the individual’s psychological state. There are 10 treatments, all of which can be met with different themes and sensibilities. Inside the store, you can hear the sounds of living nature, such as the sound of singing birds and flowing streams recorded in various parts of the UK. Inner therapy that can heal your ears. From scalp hair treatment to foot massage, scrub, aroma treatment, and side massage. If you feel burdened by a full-body spa, try scalp massage first.

Recommended course
The Spell: 130,000 won 60 minutes course. Even if you massage your scalp and feet frequently, you can prevent stress loss of stress. However, there is no time for modern people and there is very little information for proper self-massage. So, this is LUSH’s tired scalp and foot massage course. Enjoy a foot bath using a special bath balm that can only be experienced at Rush Spa, and gently remove old dead skin cells with a scrub. In this process, it helps the circulation of the body by lightly loosening the feet and scalp. Tea made of lemon and mint is served after the course.
The Good Hour 20200,000 60-minute course. Deep tissue deep tissue massage will be performed on all muscles except the face. It is a course that touches the muscles and fascia connected like a net to the human body and focuses and releases the desired area through consulting with a therapist. Use Rush’s massage bar and shower jelly. This course has a unique theme, like lying on a boat and sailing. The room receiving the treatment is filled with blue sea lights and sea songs. You will receive a massage with the sound of waves and seagulls recorded by yourself. After the treatment, tea with rum, which was enjoyed by sea sailors, is also served. You may feel like a sailor after a refreshing voyage.

Address: 868 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu (Apgu Junction), 102nd floor of Hoemu-ro 42-gil, Yongsan-gu (Gyeongridan-gil Branch) Price KRW 70,000

Aesop Sounds Hannam Facial Attention
Located in Hannam-dong, Aesop’s ninth signature store, “Sound’s Hannam”. This place, which has Aesop’s unique scent, is the first facial shop introduced by Aesop in Korea. The red wood tone and non-bright interior make you feel comfortable. Before the treatment, the therapy in charge will conduct counseling for appropriate customized care based on the purpose of receiving the treatment and skin concerns. It is recommended to get careful skin care that you can’t do at home every four to six weeks. Facial courses are offered in 60 minutes and 75 minutes long.

Recommended course
Detox ANNEW퇴근Workers who are busy lying down after work have nothing to do with cleansing. Squeeze the foam cleanser, wash it, and put moisturizing cream on your face. It is a detox program for those who overworked their skin with such a routine. Treatment that stabilizes the skin with a thorough cleansing. Stress-filled waste is prone to uneven skin texture and less glossy skin. It’s perfect if you want to find a soft skin texture.

Address: 351st floor of Embassy Road, Yongsan-gu, 135,000 won (60 minutes)~

Freshwater Spa
The opportunity to get a spa in the bamboo forest in the city is rare. Even space can wash away the fatigue of the eyes. You can start lightly with welcome tea and foot bath and finish the last cypress bath to the lower body bath after about 60 minutes of massage. They even serve dessert after taking a shower. In Ikseon-dong Cheongsu, you can meet not only the spa but also cafes and restaurants. If your body is rusty, fill up your stomach and double your happiness!

Recommended course
There are a total of four categories of treatments in the balancing course수당s allowance. Body, balancing, focusing, facial. Among them, balancing, a course that encompasses the entire body from facial at the most reasonable price, is highly satisfactory. You can also enjoy the service of Cheongsu Spa called Pyeonbaektang. There are four balancing courses, from signatures 14 to 25. From full-body dry massage to oil massage to muscle massage. Since each course has different massages that I want to receive intensively, it’s better to choose the right type of course for me. Among them, Signature 17 is said to have a technique that emphasizes the connection that never falls off until the end of the massage, so I want to get it even if I’m curious.

Address 31-19 Donhwamun-ro 11-nag-gil, Jongno-gu, price 190,000 won

Guerlain Spa
Don’t be scared just because you’re in the Shilla Hotel Shilla Hotel. If you want to make our bodies high-quality, let’s visit. Compared to other luxury spa shops, there is no big price difference. That’s why we should try a spa shop. It is reliable because it is said to be a spa shop that many spa enthusiasts visit. Guerlain Spa conducts counseling to the point where you feel like you are being examined. That’s how much I can get rid of my discomfort. A professional therapy expert identifies needs and recommends the most appropriate course. The special thing about Guerlain Spa is that there is a 15-minute individual or group foot spa time before every treatment course. If you stop by Shilla Hotel to have a hotel vacation with your friend, let’s stop by a spa.

Recommended course
Body treatment. Massage is the taste of hands. Guerlain’s spa, which has a strong taste for hands, is recommended for those who want to relax their tight muscles. There are also three programs for body treatment, which are divided differently according to the pressure strength. The first Guerlain touch helps relax rigid muscles with the deepest touch, and the stress relief slowly and gently soothe the muscles that will be tight due to stress, helping lymphatic circulation to penetrate blocked blood. The last Imperial is a moderate pressure point with a medium touch. Of the three, you can receive it according to your condition today. Long-sitting office workers recommend a stress relief course for smooth blood circulation.

Address: Dongho 249 Shilla Hotel, Jung-gu, 3rd floor price: 198,000 won

Maison La Prairie
The brand that started as a clinic is reliable. La Prairie is a brand that has grown since its own skin healing technology. So, the raw materials used in La Prairie are only filled with rare things such as platinum, caviar, and gold. If you like luxury skincare or hotel spa, I highly recommend it. Surprisingly, it is a spa service that can be provided free of charge if you purchase La Prairie products for a certain amount or more.

Recommended course
Skin caviarㅣ The ultimate facial treatment. Massage the face, neck, shoulder arms, and hands to sweep away the accumulated waste. The skin color immediately changes, and you can maintain a smooth skin texture even after a few days of treatment. That’s how much he cares about his insides. It is conducted accordingly after checking the condition with the therapy before the treatment. When the massage is over, the products used during the massage are marked, and even this service shows careful consideration. If you lie down on Italy’s top-notch electric bed and get a massage, your worries will disappear like snow melting. I put caviar on my body, so my body is more expensive than gold that day.

Address 183rd floor of Apgujeong-ro 60-gil, Gangnam-gu Price Undecided

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