signature massage

Premium Spael Aroma Sweaty Signature Massage Review

signature massage

Premium SPAEL’s signature massage is

It’s an aroma suede massage.​

Swedish Massage is a popular program in 강남안마 .

It’s a Swedish-style massage

Use oil to gently massage your whole body

It is a management that stimulates lymph and removes waste.

Nonhyeon-dong Massage Shop Premium Spael

It’s a 10-minute walk from Exit 3 of Eonju Station

It’s on the third floor of the building where you can see Golf Zone Park

I used public transportation,

There are so many parking spaces that you can park comfortably.​

If you get off on the third floor, you will find the entrance to the Premium Spael.

I haven’t entered the building yet

Even the sign is luxurious

I was even more excited about the massage I got today.

And although the quarantine pass is over,

Premium Spalers can enter after measuring body temperature

You can take care of it with a little bit of peace of mind.

I’m waiting while checking my reservation

It was obvious that he paid a lot of attention to the interior🙂

signature massage-spa
  • For your information, Premium Spiel is 100% pre-booked.

✔️ Private Room

The maintenance room is a single room with subtle lights

It was private and the facilities were great

In fact, at the 7-star Namhae South Cape,

The interior was much more luxurious than the spa😂

Bed is a level-adjusted bed

The height is adjusted so that you can take care of it more carefully

It was set to warm temperature in advance.

There is a beverage refrigerator and air dresser in the maintenance room

There’s room to sit down for a while.

I’ll take a look at the maintenance room

After taking off slippers, disposable underwear and outerwear,

I changed into a prepared gown.

And while I’m taking care of my clothes,

I put it in the air dresser🥰

From this meticulous service to other massage shops,

I can feel that they’re different​

After everything is ready, the manager comes when you press the bell

While the manager is coming,

I took out the lemon flavor of Toms Sparkling and drank it

Carbonated water is really good!

Please try it It’s delicious because it has a strong lemon scent.

Premium Spael has hand sanitizers everywhere

There’s a disinfectant spray and an air purifier

After the treatment, sterilize it right away

You can get a safe treatment due to the COVID-19

If you are sensitive to COVID-19, I recommend Premium Spael.

First, you have to cover yourself with a towel

The manager came up from the legs to the neck in order

Warm up your body lightly.

Especially my neck and shoulders

The manager intensively loosened up this area

Then, use oil to take care of course

It’s good because the manager’s overwhelming is just right

The temperature of the bed is so warm

I fell asleep while getting treatment☺️

If you fall asleep while taking care of your skin, you can’t feel the massage at all

It’s unfortunate, but the massage doesn’t hurt that much

I guess it means it fits you too well🥰

After receiving all of them, I feel so

He even helped me stretch. It was healing~

When I’m done with my skincare routine, I used oil

So that you can take a simple shower

She showed me to the shower room and powder room.​

I wish this place was my bathroom

It’s a luxurious and sophisticated interior💓

Shower tools, skin care products, disposable toothbrush/towel, dryer, etc

Everything’s ready. Just the body

I used oil to massage my body

signature massage-gangnam

After taking a light shower,

You can change into a new gown~~​

I was so refreshed after taking a shower

I was so happy that I took a picture.

Of course, shopping is really good,

Since you’re getting older, investing in your body and taking care of it

It’s really good in the long run, too.

You have to take care of yourself since you were young

I don’t suffer even when I get older

If you’re looking for advanced care and services like a hotel spa,

I strongly recommend Premium Spiel!