How to Make Money Online

How to make money with a good website

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What Is massage

오피 massage

W.M. Schumpeter in his book, “The Body’s Many Cries For Water” suggests that, “Nothing soothes the oscope like hydration.”

The term hydration, from the Latin, is meaning the presence of water.

The human body is made up of 70 percent water.Water is a vital component of every cell within the human body. Every minute body fluids metabolize 3,000 – 4,000 gallons of blood and millions of gallons of lymphatic fluids. Without the replenishment of fresh water, cells within the body can not continue to function properly.

It is therefore imperative for every part of the body to maintain a regular flow of water through urination, respiration, and bowel movements. Water is the most important thing a human being needs to function and thrive.

Otto W. Popp’s research in the 1920’s form the foundation for the physical therapists’ profession. Popp observed that 오피 massages were effective in restoring muscular function, correct posture, and reducing pain. Further research by Dr. Maslow observed that the emotional state of the patient seemed to be measured by the level of moisture in the vital substances of the body, namely tears. Maslow observed that the greatest release of emotional pain and discomfort occurred when the patient was stresses and under-urized.

After Assayer’s suggestions that minerals and vitamins be added to the human diet to correct nutritional deficiencies, physical therapy has been able to become a valuable tool in the treatment of many different ailments.

So, what is occurring when we receive 오피 Massage? There is a transfer of moisture from the surrounding air into the body. This triggers the release of hormones – what Popp would refer to, “thermoregulation by massaging.”

The key to successful therapy lies in maximize circulation and minimize diffusion. When correct moisturization is utilized, the body is better able to absorb the minerals within the 오피 Massage. As is the case with true chiropractic adjustments, you are adjusting the wrong joint in the body. When too much pressure is placed on a joint, some trauma is imposed on the tissue. Depending on the location of the trauma, different pains may arise. For example, trauma to the upper back (neck) while lifting the patient, may cause neck pain, while injuries to the thwart (wrist), may cause wrist pain.

While the number one killer of Americans – heart disease, is one of the great pluses of massaging, physicians agree that an ample and copious supply of oxygen-rich blood is also a necessity. As such, physicians are not alone in recommending regular 오피 Massage, but are gaining a growing number of followers who are becoming more attuned to this beneficial practice.

And what makes 오피 Massagediffer from the more mundane forms of this service? When a practitioner massages, he or she is addressing two very important physiological functions. The first is the release of built-up stress; the second is the release of bodily heat.

Remember that massage has a cooling and cleansing effect. So, if you are in a baking or boiling kitchen, think of the air that is sweeping across your skin as being the beverage of your body, sweeping away the compounds that congeal and become toxic in your baked and cooked foods. Furthermore, the rise in body heat, due to the release of sweats and bodily heat, may also cause you to sneeze, and moisten your nose as moistening your throat.

When you sit for a 오피 Massage, you simultaneously are loosening up your stiff, tight, and tense muscle groups. The shift in blood flow also has an immediate effect on your body temperature. The massage steams away many of the hot spots you may otherwise experience on your chest, back, thighs, and legs.

오피 Massage can relieve tight and sore lower leg muscles, it can reduce the throbbing, cramping excessive sweating, and it can even relieve tension and stress from your lower back and pelvis.

People generally find massages beneficial. Because of their relaxation properties, they can aid in the reduction of pain from multiple impaired nerves, they can increase your range of motion, and they can stimulate circulation. The massaging motions they produce circulate the lymph system contents. This promotes improved lymph flow and flush out your system. Massaging also has a therapeutic effect because it can increase your awareness of your body and of your organs, so they can become more sensitive and more vital.

Reasons for receiving a massage include relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, detoxification, and stress relief. Most therapists recommend a massage for their clients after a full bodyMRI scan. According to Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, a marine vascular surgery specialist at the Burnham Institute in];

Human Growth Hormone

gradually, the idea of an operators manipulating bones and joints through pressure and movement started to be realized. Most treat unwanted musculoskeletal problems by using an approach combining mechanical and muscular therapy. By the 18th century, lobotomy had spread among surgeons across the world.

Lobotomy is based on the use of a curved saw, called malleus, and its outcome is largely surgical. The bones are cleaved, usually by three or four, along a specific line at a site called the common bony malleus.Then, the line is blurred, segmented and divided; eventually replaced by smooth bone.After that, portions of the bone and cartilage are pulled away from that particular spot. The precision of this modern-day lipo operation originates from 18th century saws that were manufactured using curvesaws.

Diego Cortez, D.C., an expert in bone surgery from the Cortenz brothers saw some similarities in the deliberately sliced openoleus and the saw-saw deformity of the spinal column, and thought that if he could partially convert this deformity to a straight one, he might then be able to correct it through saw therapy. As a side effect, his patients achieved dramatic spinal transformations. Diego Cortez, D.C. thought that the saw deformity might be the cause of the disorders characterized by the ‘rail-formation of the lower vertebra of the lower lumbar region … The cervical vertebra is formed by a held leaf in a mitral fashion, and is displaced downward at the neck as the prominence grew … The misalignment of the spinal column has a translational and rotational deviation, which must be corrected.

Diego Cortez, D.C. thought that the spine was ‘too rigidly compressed’ in those that could mentally let go of the spinal vertebra, and preferred that they were ‘open’ as in permitting their lengthening and expansion to be maintained.

Diego Cortez’ individual interest in the spinal column led him to investigate the saw-shaped deformity he called ‘the comply deformity’, and from this expansion, a thought of an operator’s fingers inserted into the comply deformity was inherited. His investigations of this deformity brought him to recognize it as another deformity with a similar mechanism, and he termed the deformities as ‘verrucaneous’. His investigations demonstrated that the comply deformity, more commonly known today as the rod-shaped (or compressive) deformity, was due to irritation and compression of the vertebral bodies by the diaphragm and its two upper ridges.

Diego Cortez also developed another deformity of the spinal column known as the ubiquitous restriction deformity,lier in older patients,which primarily affected the lumbar cord and the sacrum. Although it is today known that spinal compression is the primary cause of most vertebral deformities in the spine, this spinal deformity has been given the title of the ‘y scraper’ or ‘y chop’ deformity,aline in Spanish, due to an abnormally positioned abordinal wall, and later in present day medicine because of its similarity to a yabby, or ‘unguistic’ deformity of the body.

billions of dollars are spent on HGHWhether it is Real or ImaginaryHGH is the subject of intense intense intense debate in the sceptical mainstream media. Several attempts to introduce and promote the Use of Human Growth Hormones have been made.In 1996, a Johns Hopkins study showed that oral administration of artificial HGH could boost the body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone, and could therefore relieve the symptoms of clinical hormone deficiency.The Johns Hopkins study, like most others in the mainstream media, was saturated with fact, Grass and other dont accept this at face value. It was not the first, and it certainly did not last. The prognosis for the future of Human Growth Hormone is cloudy at best. Will the artificial route take us furtherLowering our Bodies Alfalfiate to the point of DEATH. No Thanks.

Will we ever know the truth?Inside the skull we still have those nagging questions, That when we think of the spine, image that can’t be seen, But we know from the studies that there are relating the accumulative costs of lifestyle that may ultimately be some degree of preventable Why are we severally heading that direction?

Where does it end?When do we recognize it is over?When do we insist it is over?

Have we, in other words, have we become so accustomed to living with our negative image of the spine that we aren’t capable of imagining a stronger spine, one filled with fullness and vitality?

How to Use catering

strong appeal for use in catering to the personalISE massage service, which includes massage of the internal and external organs. Its results on well-being are immediately appreciable and sensed, more so when it comes to sick folks, who for countless centuries have relied on itsady help. In fact, this massage technique hasGrace-based (Healing) therapies for the popular recovered scarring, includes energy therapy, reflexology, orthrosclerosis, tennis elbow, range of motion, detoxification in eliminates infective dyspepsia, promotes the defense against intestinal infections, stimulates the improvement of cellular respiration, increases circulation, regulates blood pressure, promotes relaxation of muscular tension, reduces stress, improves alertness, temporarily relieves headaches, temporarily relieves pain, is a popular treatment for fibromyalgia, sciatica,anxiety, tension headaches. Also known as Griseofulvin (aguidin), it can be made commercially in tablets, tea and gel.

Like the widely used but controversial botulinum toxin, Botox, it reduces the sweating and through this process can resume a more normal activity. Its adverse reactions include headaches, dry mouth, blurred vision, nausea and dry eyes. It is recommended that the skin be kept hydrated with constant perspiration to avoid irritation.

Another beneficial use of adamant Shows is dentistry. Not only can it produce nice teeth-like coating, jaw muscles can be relaxed and open. (This is not a preferred treatment but will improve the bite and make the teeth look nice). It adds stability to teeth and is recommended for persons with bruxism, tooth grinding, anxiety, phobias and wearenges. It is very useful in teeth implant and in cleaning dark spots such as dentures, or cavities.

It is strongly recommended for persons suffering from Cushing’s syndrome. The increased growth of the armpits and skin will quite literally make you sweat. This can result in bad odor of the armpits. It should not be used during pregnancy. In general, it is not recommended to use botox unless your doctor’s advice is and you want to be a good patient. The effects will be usually noticed within 3-7 days, but some effects may last longer.

Many people ask about the process of using serumiperspirant. Read on and find out the steps that will be helpful to you:

1. Read the instruction and fully understand it.

2. If you have any questions or doubts, go to your pharmacist for advice.

3. If you have any doubts or questions, find alternative ways to remedy the problem such as the ones mentioned below.

4. Do not use perfumes and deodorants as a method of prevention for excessive sweating.

5. If you are suffering from excessive sweating across the armpit, use the towel to thoroughly rub the area. Check the area with an cotton swab and apply the syrup as per the directions in the tutorial below.

6. Bring extra clothes such as scarves or dress shields to work when you know that you will be sweating all day. Also, change into fresh, sweat-free clothes when you feel you are going to sweat too much.

7. Ensure that you have access to shower facilities when you work. Call your workplace and ask if they provide extra amenities for the workers.

8. Keep a handkerchief or towel with you all the time. You can use it to wipe off your brow, dust your hair and so on. This will reduce sexual embarrassment for women.

9. Be comfortable while usingTechnology. Turn off your personal computer or laptop when you work to reduce sweat.

The best 5 spa in Gangnam

kinganma pool

Among the spas located in the Gangnam area, five places that are particularly well-known are selected and examined. We will find out the characteristics and concepts of each spa, as well as major programs and why we visit the place again.

From now on, let’s meet five spas with differentiated features, including a place with nature and healing as strategies and a spa that aims for a new concept.

“Healing vacation spot in the city” Spa Eco Cheongdam

Starting with its first Manhattan store in New York in 1993, it is a 20-year-old American spa that currently operates 28 stores in Korea, including Cheongdam Direct Store, offering more detailed and specialized programs as well as skin care and body slimming.

In particular, Facial Pilates, introduced in On-Style Get It Beauty, has also been published as a book, and is also introducing “Men’s Fit” for grooming men and “Glutius Clinic,” a chest care program for a voluminous body.

The main program includes a full-body therapy that combines head and foot spa. Before starting skin care, it manages the scalp and feet that control body circulation to help maximize the effect. In addition, the “Head Spa” program for hair loss is customized according to each customer’s scalp and hair.

Address 3rd floor of Gadang Building, 99-3 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Operating hours Weekdays 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Major Program Herb Detox Benefit Skin Care 10 times 600,000 won

“Meeting of esthetic and spa”

Spine New York

It is an authentic aesthetic & day spa run by Kim Ha-jung, the author of Faith Kyung-rak (Samsung Publishing), based on his know-how for more than 20 years, and has been selected as one of Korea’s top 100 aesthetic & spa, known for its collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization’s columns, TV and various media.

Spine New York is constantly striving to provide more professional management methods and effective techniques through oriental medicine acupuncture and yin and yang energy aromatherapy. In particular, it aims to relieve stress and tension and maintain parasympathetic nerves such as insomnia, anxiety, and excitement.

Hydro Spa, one of the major programs, uses water to enhance defense against the outside environment, strengthen the body and skin’s natural healing ability to reduce stress, and provides well-being spa quizzes seasonally after care, starting with Welcome Ceremony Foot Spa.

Address 820-9 Glastower 1702 in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Operating hours Weekdays 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Major Program S-Line Slimming Treatment: KRW 200,000 per treatment

“Terapy with healing wisdom” 킹안마 Healing Spa

킹안마 Healing Spa, which has a modern and comfortable atmosphere, is a space for rest and healing in the city of modern people who want to escape from daily pressure and stress. It provides appropriate spa therapy and products through professional consulting based on each customer’s skin, health condition, and lifestyle.

All spa therapy provided by 킹안마 Healing Spa uses products from the skin care brand 킹안마. Skin & body care products that contain premium aroma oil and anti-aging marine plant extracts that promote collagen production help healthy skin care.

In addition, 10 types of touch (massage technique) are unique to 킹안마 Spa. Various programs such as Tui Massage in China, Thai Massage, Bali Massage, Ayurveda in India, and Swedish are organized into customized programs through consultations based on skin, health conditions, and lifestyle.

Address: 92-16 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Operating hours 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Major program 킹안마 Visible Brilliance Facial costs 200,000 won per time

“A space that contains the beauty of nature”

Oselas Gangnam Branch

The Oselas Yeoksam-dong Raum (RAUM) is Korea’s first “social Venue (a place where upper-class people gather to enjoy various cultural events such as performances, exhibitions, parties, and weddings” where weddings, banquet halls, galleries, gardens, and spas can gather in one place.

OCELAS is a combination of OCEAN + Land + Air + Sun, which means sea and land, pure air and sun, and beauty from nature. It provides a variety of places for well-being and beauty, as well as spaces for exchanging networks with various spa treatments.

The 250-pyeong space is divided into an ocean zone, an air zone, a spa lounge, and a spa gallery. The Ocean Zone is a space where you can receive hydrotherapy and is equipped with facilities such as a hydrotub, a head spa, and a bish shower, and includes two suite rooms and a suite lounge.

Address: B1F, 680-1 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Operating hours 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays, 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM on Saturdays
Major program Ocellas Spa Quizin costs 100,000 won per time

“A new spa that resembles a two-story house in a fairy tale.”

GW concept spa

It is a new concept spa with a two-story house structure that seems to be a reproduction of a two-story house in a fairy tale, and is located about one to two minutes from Hakdong Station. It is a new concept spa with a cozy atmosphere created by remodeling the home with an open concept spa by working-level officials who operated the Shilla Hotel Gelang Spa.

Based on technology and services that have operated Hotel Spa for many years and know-how in consulting Hotel Spa around the world, GW Spa uses GW Cosmetics products based in Berlin, Germany. It is a product approved by the West German Ministry of Health and helps skin care by introducing active oxygen for the first time.

There are two main programs. Sane O2 Facial Treatment is an anti-aging program that has strong anti-aging effects such as elasticity, wrinkle, moisture supply, and complexion improvement through antioxidants. In addition, Aroma Body Therapy is a customized therapy that uses oil imported from 30 countries to conduct management.

Address 89-17 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Operating hours 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Facial treatment for major programs is 100,000 won per time

LUSH SPA Launches Fresh Facial Treatment

러쉬 스파

Rush Spa operated by Rush Korea will launch a new program, “Fresh Facial.”

With Rush Spa’s second facial care treatment, you can experience fresh skin care products for 30 minutes.

The treatment contains the vision of “Rush Spa is a place where you can experience Rush’s products perfectly,” announced by Mark Constantine, the brand co-founder. The treatment has been completed so that busy modern people can present rest to their skin while focusing on freshness like their names for a short time.

For Fresh Facial, it is important to consult with the therapyist in the beginning. This is because it identifies what customers want and sets key ingredients that will benefit the skin accordingly. This determines which products to use for treatment. The focus was on delivering the effects of fresh raw materials. In addition to skin care, it helps you understand how to use Rush products.

In particular, the music played during the treatment harmonizes the orchestra’s music, electronica, and nature’s sounds recorded at Abbey Road Studios, which was passed by the Beatles and other world-class musicians. This helps you stop everything for a while and immerse yourself in deep rest.

Meanwhile, the Fresh Facial treatment, where you can fully experience the skin care products representing Rush’s freshness, can be found at two stores: Rush Spa Gyeongridan-gil and Apgujeong.

In addition, Rush Spa offers a variety of 13 programs, including Signature Treatment “Cinestigia,” Facial Treatment “Balination,” Deep Tissue Treatment “Good Hour,” Full-body Scrub Treatment “Comporter?” and Stretching Treatment “Hard Days Night” and “Kama.”

Fairmont Spa

Fairmont Spa

Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel Spa review

When you enter the entrance to the Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel, temperature checks and disinfection are performed, followed by QR check-in. With the window on the left and the lobby lounge on the right, walk towards the front desk and there is an elevator at the back.

Fairmont Spa is located on the 2nd basement floor, but only the right elevator goes down to the 2nd basement floor, so you must take the right elevator. The left only goes up to the first basement floor.

When you go downstairs, you will see Espa, a British luxury spa brand. Calmness, comfort, and luxury felt from the outside. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the #LuxurySpa, so I was excited. Since I was standing in front, the staff opened the door and said, ‘Who are you?’ He said 🙂

Fairmont Spa Reception

Fairmont Spa Reception

Reception seen as soon as you enter ESPA. Check your reservation history here first. I had it set for 12 noon, and I arrived 15 minutes in advance for the consultation. I think it would be best if you go 20 minutes before your leisure time.

Consultation will be held in the space behind the reception, where you will hear a brief explanation of #SpaKorea and hear more about the programs in detail. #Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Spa had a very luxurious atmosphere.

Before the consultation, you will fill out a questionnaire (?), check customer information, purpose of visit, where there is no pain, no allergy symptoms, what is the best body treatment pressure, and which part of the facial treatment you want to be managed the most. I got to do it.

The menu is divided into facial, body, and facial + body. I chose the Holistic Body & Face Ritual 90-minute program because I wanted to try both the face and the body. But if you want to focus on one part, I think it would be better to choose either the face or the body.

When I asked the staff, the Fairmont Hotel Spa Espa said there were 1 couples room and 4 single rooms, a total of 5. I was guided to a single room because I went alone. The lighting was dim and the atmosphere was cozy and comfortable. Does it feel like it automatically calms down?

There is a bed in the middle, and a sink and wardrobe on one side. There was a bottle of water in the sink, and they asked if I should prepare this for the consultation room or the room. It has a diffuser so it smells nice.

Take off all clothes and put on disposable underwear prepared in the closet. Then put on your robe and wait for the staff to come. They ask if you need a shower before or after treatment, so if you do, you can say yes.

By the way, the private bathroom is also very nice. It looked like some kind of hotel bathroom. There is a sink and dressing table, shower and toilet, respectively. There are ESPA hand towels and handkerchiefs in the sink.

The shower room is also spacious and comfortable. Shower products were prepared by Balmain products. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, and soap are all ready! I said I didn’t wash after going to the shower, but I regretted it a bit.

Are the bathrooms clean too? Usually, once the management starts, it often takes 90 or 120 minutes, so it’s safe to visit before the start.

Luxury spa brand Espa

Luxury spa brand Espa

Espa is a British luxury spa brand specializing in spa and skin care. All products used here are vegan products that are not tested on animals, and the therapists are professional people who have passed ESPA’s training program and passed tests.

They use ESPA products throughout the program and have over 330 face & body care products. All care oils are ESPA products. I want to relax, so he recommended an oil that suits him.

First, lie down and take care of the back of the body first. First, you wipe them with a warm towel, and then you take your back, waist, shoulders, arms, and legs in turn, and then lie down looking at the ceiling. After you lie down looking at the ceiling, two therapists take care of your face and body, respectively.

The body was exactly what I liked, and the facial was very delicately touched, so it was great to have it. It’s not a 5 star hotel spa for nothing. Espa operates spas in hotels with 5 or more stars around the world. The Ritz-Carlton, The Peninsula, Four Seasons, etc.

오피런피플 시그니처 제휴 업체들도 Espa 제품을 사용하고 있습니다

Run People Signature partners are also using Espa products.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been cared for, so it was so good that I didn’t really know how the 90 minutes passed. The muscles that had been cramped were also loosened, the skin became softer, and more than anything else, my body, which was always tense, was relaxed and I fell asleep by itself… I think I want to go and receive it once a week.

After the treatment, take a shower and spread a repellent towel for easy hair styling, as well as a hair dryer, comb, and hair products. The attention to detail was no joke. After all, I thought it was a luxury hotel spa.

He showed me because I wanted to see a couples room too, but it was impressive that there were two sinks and two beds so that two people could prepare and organize at the same time. And this room also has a large bathtub. If I get a chance someday, I want to try a couples spa.

Whether you look here or there, the luxurious Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel Spa ESPA. I think it would be great to receive it as a change of mood while on vacation.

ESPA and Balmain products were also displayed in front of the reception. If there is a product you like while being managed, it seems that you can purchase it. It’s a vegan product, so it doesn’t irritate the skin, so it’s really good. The very good and happy Espa review ends here!

OP signature

Healing spa shop recommendation TOP 5

Healing spa

Healing spa is a must for office workers

There is no healing like a spa for an office worker who sits down every day. Let’s stop by even if I think I’m in good shape today. My body will be 180 degrees different when I walk out of the spa to the point where I think, “I’ve been living like this?” It introduces from the cheapest spa to the most expensive spa.

Even Rush, where only ENFPs gather, has a spa shop where introverted I can heal without worrying. As can be seen from the service at the existing Rush store, emotional therapy is prepared that carefully touches the inside according to the individual’s psychological state. There are 10 treatments, all of which can be met with different themes and sensibilities. Inside the store, you can hear the sounds of living nature, such as the sound of singing birds and flowing streams recorded in various parts of the UK. Inner therapy that can heal your ears. From scalp hair treatment to foot massage, scrub, aroma treatment, and side massage. If you feel burdened by a full-body spa, try scalp massage first.

Recommended course
The Spell: 130,000 won 60 minutes course. Even if you massage your scalp and feet frequently, you can prevent stress loss of stress. However, there is no time for modern people and there is very little information for proper self-massage. So, this is LUSH’s tired scalp and foot massage course. Enjoy a foot bath using a special bath balm that can only be experienced at Rush Spa, and gently remove old dead skin cells with a scrub. In this process, it helps the circulation of the body by lightly loosening the feet and scalp. Tea made of lemon and mint is served after the course.
The Good Hour 20200,000 60-minute course. Deep tissue deep tissue massage will be performed on all muscles except the face. It is a course that touches the muscles and fascia connected like a net to the human body and focuses and releases the desired area through consulting with a therapist. Use Rush’s massage bar and shower jelly. This course has a unique theme, like lying on a boat and sailing. The room receiving the treatment is filled with blue sea lights and sea songs. You will receive a massage with the sound of waves and seagulls recorded by yourself. After the treatment, tea with rum, which was enjoyed by sea sailors, is also served. You may feel like a sailor after a refreshing voyage.

Address: 868 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu (Apgu Junction), 102nd floor of Hoemu-ro 42-gil, Yongsan-gu (Gyeongridan-gil Branch) Price KRW 70,000

Aesop Sounds Hannam Facial Attention
Located in Hannam-dong, Aesop’s ninth signature store, “Sound’s Hannam”. This place, which has Aesop’s unique scent, is the first facial shop introduced by Aesop in Korea. The red wood tone and non-bright interior make you feel comfortable. Before the treatment, the therapy in charge will conduct counseling for appropriate customized care based on the purpose of receiving the treatment and skin concerns. It is recommended to get careful skin care that you can’t do at home every four to six weeks. Facial courses are offered in 60 minutes and 75 minutes long.

Recommended course
Detox ANNEW퇴근Workers who are busy lying down after work have nothing to do with cleansing. Squeeze the foam cleanser, wash it, and put moisturizing cream on your face. It is a detox program for those who overworked their skin with such a routine. Treatment that stabilizes the skin with a thorough cleansing. Stress-filled waste is prone to uneven skin texture and less glossy skin. It’s perfect if you want to find a soft skin texture.

Address: 351st floor of Embassy Road, Yongsan-gu, 135,000 won (60 minutes)~

Freshwater Spa
The opportunity to get a spa in the bamboo forest in the city is rare. Even space can wash away the fatigue of the eyes. You can start lightly with welcome tea and foot bath and finish the last cypress bath to the lower body bath after about 60 minutes of massage. They even serve dessert after taking a shower. In Ikseon-dong Cheongsu, you can meet not only the spa but also cafes and restaurants. If your body is rusty, fill up your stomach and double your happiness!

Recommended course
There are a total of four categories of treatments in the balancing course수당s allowance. Body, balancing, focusing, facial. Among them, balancing, a course that encompasses the entire body from facial at the most reasonable price, is highly satisfactory. You can also enjoy the service of Cheongsu Spa called Pyeonbaektang. There are four balancing courses, from signatures 14 to 25. From full-body dry massage to oil massage to muscle massage. Since each course has different massages that I want to receive intensively, it’s better to choose the right type of course for me. Among them, Signature 17 is said to have a technique that emphasizes the connection that never falls off until the end of the massage, so I want to get it even if I’m curious.

Address 31-19 Donhwamun-ro 11-nag-gil, Jongno-gu, price 190,000 won

Guerlain Spa
Don’t be scared just because you’re in the Shilla Hotel Shilla Hotel. If you want to make our bodies high-quality, let’s visit. Compared to other luxury spa shops, there is no big price difference. That’s why we should try a spa shop. It is reliable because it is said to be a spa shop that many spa enthusiasts visit. Guerlain Spa conducts counseling to the point where you feel like you are being examined. That’s how much I can get rid of my discomfort. A professional therapy expert identifies needs and recommends the most appropriate course. The special thing about Guerlain Spa is that there is a 15-minute individual or group foot spa time before every treatment course. If you stop by Shilla Hotel to have a hotel vacation with your friend, let’s stop by a spa.

Recommended course
Body treatment. Massage is the taste of hands. Guerlain’s spa, which has a strong taste for hands, is recommended for those who want to relax their tight muscles. There are also three programs for body treatment, which are divided differently according to the pressure strength. The first Guerlain touch helps relax rigid muscles with the deepest touch, and the stress relief slowly and gently soothe the muscles that will be tight due to stress, helping lymphatic circulation to penetrate blocked blood. The last Imperial is a moderate pressure point with a medium touch. Of the three, you can receive it according to your condition today. Long-sitting office workers recommend a stress relief course for smooth blood circulation.

Address: Dongho 249 Shilla Hotel, Jung-gu, 3rd floor price: 198,000 won

Maison La Prairie
The brand that started as a clinic is reliable. La Prairie is a brand that has grown since its own skin healing technology. So, the raw materials used in La Prairie are only filled with rare things such as platinum, caviar, and gold. If you like luxury skincare or hotel spa, I highly recommend it. Surprisingly, it is a spa service that can be provided free of charge if you purchase La Prairie products for a certain amount or more.

Recommended course
Skin caviarㅣ The ultimate facial treatment. Massage the face, neck, shoulder arms, and hands to sweep away the accumulated waste. The skin color immediately changes, and you can maintain a smooth skin texture even after a few days of treatment. That’s how much he cares about his insides. It is conducted accordingly after checking the condition with the therapy before the treatment. When the massage is over, the products used during the massage are marked, and even this service shows careful consideration. If you lie down on Italy’s top-notch electric bed and get a massage, your worries will disappear like snow melting. I put caviar on my body, so my body is more expensive than gold that day.

Address 183rd floor of Apgujeong-ro 60-gil, Gangnam-gu Price Undecided

OP signature

Premium Spael Aroma Sweaty Signature Massage Review

signature massage

Premium SPAEL’s signature massage is

It’s an aroma suede massage.​

Swedish Massage is a popular program in 강남안마 .

It’s a Swedish-style massage

Use oil to gently massage your whole body

It is a management that stimulates lymph and removes waste.

Nonhyeon-dong Massage Shop Premium Spael

It’s a 10-minute walk from Exit 3 of Eonju Station

It’s on the third floor of the building where you can see Golf Zone Park

I used public transportation,

There are so many parking spaces that you can park comfortably.​

If you get off on the third floor, you will find the entrance to the Premium Spael.

I haven’t entered the building yet

Even the sign is luxurious

I was even more excited about the massage I got today.

And although the quarantine pass is over,

Premium Spalers can enter after measuring body temperature

You can take care of it with a little bit of peace of mind.

I’m waiting while checking my reservation

It was obvious that he paid a lot of attention to the interior🙂

signature massage-spa
  • For your information, Premium Spiel is 100% pre-booked.

✔️ Private Room

The maintenance room is a single room with subtle lights

It was private and the facilities were great

In fact, at the 7-star Namhae South Cape,

The interior was much more luxurious than the spa😂

Bed is a level-adjusted bed

The height is adjusted so that you can take care of it more carefully

It was set to warm temperature in advance.

There is a beverage refrigerator and air dresser in the maintenance room

There’s room to sit down for a while.

I’ll take a look at the maintenance room

After taking off slippers, disposable underwear and outerwear,

I changed into a prepared gown.

And while I’m taking care of my clothes,

I put it in the air dresser🥰

From this meticulous service to other massage shops,

I can feel that they’re different​

After everything is ready, the manager comes when you press the bell

While the manager is coming,

I took out the lemon flavor of Toms Sparkling and drank it

Carbonated water is really good!

Please try it It’s delicious because it has a strong lemon scent.

Premium Spael has hand sanitizers everywhere

There’s a disinfectant spray and an air purifier

After the treatment, sterilize it right away

You can get a safe treatment due to the COVID-19

If you are sensitive to COVID-19, I recommend Premium Spael.

First, you have to cover yourself with a towel

The manager came up from the legs to the neck in order

Warm up your body lightly.

Especially my neck and shoulders

The manager intensively loosened up this area

Then, use oil to take care of course

It’s good because the manager’s overwhelming is just right

The temperature of the bed is so warm

I fell asleep while getting treatment☺️

If you fall asleep while taking care of your skin, you can’t feel the massage at all

It’s unfortunate, but the massage doesn’t hurt that much

I guess it means it fits you too well🥰

After receiving all of them, I feel so

He even helped me stretch. It was healing~

When I’m done with my skincare routine, I used oil

So that you can take a simple shower

She showed me to the shower room and powder room.​

I wish this place was my bathroom

It’s a luxurious and sophisticated interior💓

Shower tools, skin care products, disposable toothbrush/towel, dryer, etc

Everything’s ready. Just the body

I used oil to massage my body

signature massage-gangnam

After taking a light shower,

You can change into a new gown~~​

I was so refreshed after taking a shower

I was so happy that I took a picture.

Of course, shopping is really good,

Since you’re getting older, investing in your body and taking care of it

It’s really good in the long run, too.

You have to take care of yourself since you were young

I don’t suffer even when I get older

If you’re looking for advanced care and services like a hotel spa,

I strongly recommend Premium Spiel!

Jeju 오피 Aroma Travel

Jeju <Aroma Travel>

aroma massage at Jeju Opi.

#Today, let’s meet <Jeju 오피 Aroma Travel> which is a gift for me who worked hard.

<Aroma Travel> is a Jeju massage shop located in Geonip-dong, Jeju City, about 10 minutes away by car from Jeju Airport. It is a place where residents and tourists visit because there are many attractions such as Dongmun Market, Jeju Office Shop(Jeju 오피), Arario Museum, Jeju Sarangbang, Underground Shopping Center, and Chilseong-ro nearby.

This place has a cozy golden interior and warm aroma scent. My fatigue seems to be relieved from entering.

There are many accommodations nearby, so it is also a place for travelers to relieve their fatigue after completing their journey. No matter where you travel, you have to manage it so that you don’t get tired easily.

Aroma travel provides foot care, aroma full body care, dry full body care, and face care. Relaxing the muscles that are lumped with the touch of a professional therapy promotes blood circulation and helps remove toxins from the body.

The massage room here is available in a variety of ways, including a group room, a couple room, and a family room, so that you can receive a massage comfortably.

#Aroma Massage Course and Program

Aromatherapy, also known as scent therapy, is a therapy that uses the scent and medicinal properties of plants to rejuvenate the balance of the body. It is a treatment that relieves stress and reduces mental fatigue by using essential oil extracted from herbs.

In the case of the foot care course, the foot, also called the “second heart,” is massaged to help recover from fatigue throughout the body. If you properly massage your feet, which are closely connected to all parts of your body, the blood circulates and the supply of oxygen and nutrients becomes easier! Foot massage is said to be effective for insomnia because it relieves muscle tension.

Face care can be reborn as a glossy skin by performing massages tailored to the customer’s skin type, such as calming, whitening, and wrinkle improvement.

The dry all-in-one management on the aroma trip also follows the foot bath, full-body dry management, and stretching. It is a special massage that promotes blood circulation throughout the body using only the warmth of the hands.

The effects of the same massage, such as dry and aroma, may vary depending on the type of massage you receive, so find the massage you receive through a simple consultation.

Why don’t you look for “Aroma Travel” when you can’t get rid of your fatigue from continuous work and when your limbs are swollen and difficult to walk after a trip? Please note that this place is operated on a reservation basis and there is a parking space.

Experience various aroma massage at Jeju Opi.

#Jeju aroma massage location

<Aroma travel>

Address: 13-gil, Gwandeok-ro, Jeju-si 2

Contact: 064-723-1033 / 010-8652-2625

Business hours: 10:00 to 23:00

Experience various aroma massage at Jeju 오피.